Washington Contractor License Classifications

To perform constructing, remodeling, and repairing work in Washington, you need a contractor license. To get the license you should first register your business. Presenting a UBI number is a must. Then you need to earn the EIN number and surety bond. And in the end, you must present an application. Consider renewing your license every two years after receiving it.

It is important to know that there are two types of contractor licenses in Washington. The first type is the General Contractor license. And the second is Specialty Contractor license.

You will need a General Contractor license to perform remodeling, construction, demolishing and repairing work in Washington. In this case, you should pass a registration process.

And you must get your Specialty Contractor’s license to perform any work related to some specialties. But you will get the Specialty Contractor’s license by passing the exam.

There are some “umbrella” specialties. These specialties cover some small ones. These are plumbing, electrical, elevator. It also includes mobile home installation, boiler installation, and asbestos specialty contractors.

The fee for the registration process is $113.60.

Any felony referring to you will disqualify you from getting this license. The State will refuse it strictly.

How to become a licensed contractor in Washington?

Here you may see all the required steps to get a contractor license in Washington:

Step 1

You must register your business with the Washington Secretary of State. First, you will need to present the UBI number. The easy way to earn a UBI number is to register the company with the WA Secretary of State.

Step 2

You need to complete the registration with the Department of Revenue if your business income is $12000 annually. This will work also if you have employees.

Step 3

You will need to gain an EIN number. If you have employees, you will need to earn a federal tax ID from the Internal Revenue Service.

Step 4

Get the Surety bond. In the case of a general contractor license, you must get a $12,000 surety bond. And in the case of a specialty contractor license, you will need to obtain a $6,000 surety bond.

Step 5

You must get proof of insurance. This will indicate the availability of $50,000 property for damage insurance policy and $200000 as public liability coverage.

Step 6

Present your application.

You need to consider renewing your license every 2 years.

You have to pay $113.60 in order to register for a Washington contractor license.

Washington Contractor License Classification

There are two types of Contractor Licenses in Washington. First is a General Contractor License. And the second is the Specialty license. Unlike the other states of the USA, you do not need to apply for the General Contractor License. But in this case, you need to pass the registration process. But if you decide to have any of the specialties, then you will need to take an exam.

Unfortunately, you will not find a handyman license in Washington. But the general and specialty contractors should register with the State labor and industry board. These masters may work on small projects or properties worth less than $2000.

The difference between a handyman and a contractor is that handyman is a generalist while a contractor can perform special work.

General Contractor License

If you want to become a General Contractor in Washington, then you need to register. With this license you can do construction, remodeling, demolishing, and repairing work in the entire State.

You need to consider these important steps before registration.

  • Business registration
  • Social Security number (SSN) or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • Surety Bond
  • General Liability insurance.

In addition, you will need to sign and notarize your application before submitting it. And you will also need to renew it every two years.
It is important to know, that the Law permits you to be your own contractor.

However, the independent contractors must register with the Department of Revenue if they make less than $12000 annually. And if they do not perform the retail sales.

You need to know, that in case of any felony the State will deny working as a contractor in Washington. In other words, any conviction of a felony will disqualify you from getting a contractor license in Washington.

Specialty Contractor’s License

Unlike the General Contractor’s license, in the case of the Specialty Contractor’s license, you will need to pass an educational course and take an exam.

There are over 63 Contractor’s specialties in Washington. But the main license types, that require a pre-licensing education and exams are plumbing, electrical, elevators, mobile home installation, boilers, and asbestos.

Licensed plumbing contractors

To perform plumbing work in the State of Washington, you must be certified by the WA State Plumber Certification program. This will allow you to perform potable water building supply, setting plumbing fixtures and traps. Also, it includes drainage and vent pipes, water heaters, and medical gas/ vacuum systems.

Licensed elevator contractors

This license will allow you to work with the elevator mechanics. And offers both public and private contracts.

Licensed Mobile Home installation contractors

For this specialty, any individual, who wants to perform an installation of a manufactured and mobile home must be certified.

Licensed Electrical specialty contractors

This specialty covers the sphere of design, installation, and electrical system maintenance.

Licensed Boiler installation specialty contractors

This specialty will allow you to work on a boiler or steam engine. You need to get your certificate to work in this sphere.

Licensed asbestos specialty contractors

If you want to work on asbestos removal projects, then you need to earn an asbestos specialty contractor license in Washington.

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