Washington License Lookup

You have lots of employment opportunities in Washington state, but you must first acquire the appropriate license. This Washington license lookup includes the most popular employment opportunities. When you browse through the Washington license lookup, you will also discover how to obtain your license for your chosen career. Go through the list and choose your career path.

Washington Accountant License

You need to earn a bachelor’s degree before becoming a licensed accountant. During the undergraduate or graduate program, 24 semester or 36 quarter hours must be in business administration subjects. Another 24 semester or 36 quarter hours must be in upper or graduate-level accounting classes.

After completing the necessary education requirements, applicants must gain experience in the field. Before you can get a license, you must have at least 12 months and 2,000 hours of work experience in accounting. A licensed CPA must verify the work experience.

You can then take the CPA exam, followed by a course on the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. You will need to take an exam on what you learn in the course and score a least 90 percent. Next, you will take a course on the Washington State Public Accountancy Act, related Board Rules, and Board Policies. You will need to score a minimum of 90 percent on this exam, as well.

Then, you can access your SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account and apply for your license online. Once approved, you’ll be ready to be a CPA in Washington state.

Washington Auction License

Do you consider acquiring a Washington auction license? If this is your new goal, then we will help you get on track. It is important to be aware of the requirements and steps you need to take to reach your goal. It is always much easier when you are equipped with information. Together we will find out what the initial steps are. Also, you will get to know what educational background and training are required. You will learn about the application process for the Washington auction license, renewal, and other important aspects. Finally, we will try to find out information about the average auctioneer’s income in the state. So, let’s get started.

Washington Barber License

Washington barber license lets you have an opportunity to master this craft entirely. It provides you with relevant skills and knowledge. Besides, theoretical and practical parts develop your proficiency. Firstly, you need to take a training course. Without completing it, you cannot pass the test. Secondly, this educational program covers topics that are the basis for you. Moreover, you will use mannequins during the study. After successfully finishing it, you must give the exam. Also, it is possible to choose an apprenticeship instead of classes. Unfortunately, its requirements are different. All in all, you may apply for a permit by paying the necessary fees.

Apart from that, this article helps you to know the rules and laws of this state. It refers to transferring and renewing authorization. You can extend it either online or by email.

To sum up, if you want to become a professional you just need to acquire licensure in this area.

Washington Business License

If you operate a business in the state of Washington, you might need to register with the Department of Revenue and then apply for a license. The state has specific criteria in place to determine which businesses must register and get licensed.

You need to get a business license if one or more of the following criteria applies:

  • You are going to hire employees within the next three months
  • Your gross earnings are at least $12,000 per year
  • Your company pays fees or taxes to the Washington Department of Revenue
  • Your company processes or purchases specialty wood products
  • You collect sales tax
  • Your company must have state or city endorsements to operate

If you meet the criteria, you need to file the paperwork for a corporation, partnership, liability company, or limited liability company with the Washington Secretary of State. Then, use the Washington Department of Revenue’s Business Licensing Wizard to determine the steps you must take for your industry. Each agency has different guidelines, so the wizard will point you in the right direction and make it easy to obtain your business license.

Washington Cannabis and Marijuana License

In Washington, for adults over 21 years, it is legal to purchase, possess and consume cannabis for recreational purposes. Out of state and out of country residents can also purchase cannabis from state-licensed retail stores. For doing so, you need Washington Cannabis and Marijuana License.

You have to show your medical card or any identification document, such as passport, state-ID, or a driver’s license. Meanwhile, it is important to note that not all the stores are both for recreational and medical cannabis. There are various types of cannabis products available in such stores. To enumerate, they are buds of the plant, edibles, hash oil, cannabis-infused drinks. Note that you can not legally possess cannabis elsewhere in Federal land. Possession and consumption are illegal in national parks, national forests, and monuments.

Washington Contractor License

If you intend to become a construction contractor, you will need to register with the Labor & Industries. First, make sure your company is registered with the Department of Revenue. Then, buy a Washington Continuous Contractor Surety Bond and a general liability insurance policy. Make sure the documents have your business name exactly as it is registered. Then, download the Application for Construction Contractor Registration from the Labor & Industries website, fill it out, and get it notarized. Once you complete the document, go to your nearest Labor & Industries office to complete the process.

Washington Dental License

Before you can obtain a Washington dental license, you must meet the education requirements. You need to get a degree from a CODA-accredited dental school. Upon graduation, you need to hold a Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Then, you must pass a written exam. You can take the Integrated National Board Dental Examination or the National Board Dental Examination Parts I and II. You also have the option of taking the Canadian National Dental Examining Board exam.

After passing the written exam, you must take and pass a practical-clinical exam. You can choose from the WREB, CRDTS, CDCA, SRTA, CITA, DLOSCE, or the NDEB.

After passing the tests, you need to obtain DEA verification and malpractice insurance, if applicable. Then, you need to pass the dental jurisprudence exam. After passing the final exam, you can apply for your license on the SAW portal.

Washington Driver License

Nowadays, more than ever, it’s hard to live without a car. To drive your car legally in Washington, as in every state, you need to obtain a Washington driver’s license. Though there are three types of driver licenses, people generally apply for PDL licenses as they need cars just for moving from one place to another. Commercial driver licenses are also available in Washington.

Washington Engineer License

Once you meet the licensing requirements, you can get your license and become an engineer in Washington. You must pass the Engineer-in-Training and Principles and Practices of Engineering exams. You also need at least eight years of experience. You can meet the requirement with work experience or a combination of work and education. To be counted as work experience, you must work directly under a licensed engineer. Education must be from an ABET-accredited program. Regardless of how long you attended school, only four years can go toward the experience requirement.

You can then complete the Engineers Law Review exam. Once completed, you’ll be ready to apply for your license. You can apply online through the SAW portal.

Washington Insurance License

You can become a producer in Washington after you obtain your license. First, you must meet the education requirements. Before getting licensed, you must finish 20 hours of pre-licensing education for each major line of authority you wish to sell. The major lines of authority include property, casualty, disability, and personal lines. Then, you must take and pass your PSI exam and get fingerprinted. Once everything is in order, you can apply online via the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s website.

Washington License Plate Lookup

The state of Washington suggests different licensing procedures for resident and non-resident car owners.

Residents can visit local vehicle licensing centers to apply for their license plates. They should complete the paperwork, pay the required fees, also have an insurance certificate.

Non-residents can drive within the state of Washington for up to 30 days. Afterward, if they do not get a state residency, criminal liability is available. Also, those who will register their cars within other states to escape from taxes will be liable. Fine in the amount of $1.529 and one year of jail is possible.

If the yearly registration of your vehicle has expired, the department will notify you about the renewal by mail or by email. You can start the process three months before the expiry date. The filing fee for a renewal is $4.50, while the registration itself is $30.

The state of Washington demands that you stick your license plates on the front and back sides of your car. Still, there is an exception. If the manufacturer has meant no brackets for the front side, the only backplate is available. To get permission, turn to Washington State Patrol.

As for the provided license types, there are several categories. You can apply for handicap, specialty, and personalized license plates. Take notes that each of them demands various conditions to coincide.

Washington Liquor License

You can apply for a liquor license when applying for a business license. You will begin by filling out the business license application and then add the Liquor and Cannabis Board Addendum. The requirements depend on whether you are applying for a retail license, a non-retail license, or an alcohol dealer registration. Also, depending on your business, you might need additional permits to operate. You can apply online via the Department of Revenue Washington State. Then, a Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board employee will contact you to go over your application. The representative will help you make sure that it is in order before moving forward.

Washington Marriage License

If you are on your way to make a new life, you need to do everything perfectly. You probably think only about getting married as soon as possible, but you had better not forget about the law issues. Washington, as all the other states, requires the marriage license in first turn.

If you are planning to get married in Washington, you need to be aware of all the details concerning to the marriage process. Maybe you will be full of emotions and think only about your special day. But don’t forget to get your Washington marriage license, so that nothing prevents your day from being perfect.

Anything connected with law may seem oppressive to people who are not aware of the rules. If you need a helping hand, you have found the right place to get it. In our page you’ll learn about all the nuances concerning to getting your Washington marriage license.

Washington Medical License

If you want to get a physician’s license, begin by graduating from an approved medical school. You can then take the United States Medical License Examination or the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada. You also need to complete a minimum of two years of post-graduate training. When you meet the criteria, you can apply online via the Washington Medical Commission website.

Washington Nursing License

To become an LPN, you must first take a commission-approved nursing program. Then, upon passing the NCLEX-PN, you will be ready to apply online via the SAW portal.

If you want to become an RN in Washington, you must first earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a state-approved nursing program. The program must include a minimum of seven clock hours of AIDS education. After graduating, you need to pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Then, you can access the SAW portal to apply online.

Washington Pharmacy License

Before applying, you need to have a bachelor’s or doctorate from an accredited college or school of pharmacy. Upon graduation, you need to pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination. You can then apply online via the SAW portal.

Washington Plumbing License

The plumber certification program of the WA State Department of Labor and Industries ensures consumer and worker safety. To operate in the trade, you should be certified by the WA plumber authentication program.

There are specific qualifications for getting a Washington Plumbing License. Firstly, you should begin as a trainee, afterward pass an examination and show equivalent experience. You can earn a well-paying career or even more start your own business with permit.

Washington Private Investigator License

The requirements for a private investigator license in Washington are too strong. First of all, the demands are different. It depends on whether you prefer armed status or unarmed. Besides, if you would like to start your own business the criteria are dissimilar. For instance, the claims of age are not the same. Furthermore, if you want to carry a weapon, you should take into account that additional condition operates for that. Even more, its norms are also distinct from other states. That is to say, fingerprint verification and having no criminal record are necessary circumstances here.

So, you can find all this information in detail in this article. Moreover, you may read about the cost of hiring an inquiry agent. The last section is about how to launch your trade in this field.

Washington Real Estate Agent License

If you are at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED, you can work toward getting your real estate license. Complete a 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals and a 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices. Then, take Washington’s broker’s exam, get fingerprinted, and pass a background check. Once you meet you the requirements, you can create a SAW account and apply for your license online.

Washington Security License

Armed and unarmed guards are both get a Washington security license. They have to be eligible and pass the required training. Professionals that run public protection firms also obtain permits from the Licensing Department (DOL). The chief accountable party is famous as “qualifying principle” or “organization principal’. Also, this might be a high-ranking agent. In certain circumstances, it is a proprietor. In the event of collaborations, both partners need to fulfill the primary qualifying conditions. The first ones have to be at least 18 years old and citizens of U.S. Work permit, according to the DOL, is not comparable to the temporary status of alien residents and is insufficient. The latter have to be 21 or older. Also, they require both a weapons certificate and a license in this field.

Washington Tattoo License

For many people, tattooing has become a trendy and profitable business. If you have a creative imagination then this profession can be a rewarding one. When it comes to starting a career as a tattoo artist in the U.S., you must know about the state regulations. Most of them require you to have a Washington Tattoo License. You may also need to have first aid or a bloodborne pathogens certification.

The process of getting a permit is very easy, and it’s described in this article. Hence, continue reading, and you’ll discover a new world for you.

Washington Teaching License

Before you can teach in Washington, you must become licensed. Begin by earning your bachelor’s or master’s degree from an approved teacher preparation program. You must also pass the WEST-E and WEST-B skills tests, as well as a performance assessment. Then, you will receive a residency teaching certificate.



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