Washington CPA License

Washington CPA License

If you want to get a Washington CPA license, you will have to overcome several difficulties. There are some requirements you need to meet for getting the license.

Here you can find some information that will help you to get your CPA license in Washington.

 Who is eligible for the Washington CPA License?

You have to be a citizen of the United States or legally present in the United States to apply for the license. There are no certain requirements related to the minimum age of an applicant.

You will also have to meet the three E-s; which are education, experience, and exam.

Education Requirements

 For getting the Washington CPA license, you must have completed minimum of one hundred fifty semester hours of college education. It includes two hundred twenty-five quarter hours. You must have a baccalaureate or higher degree.

Likewise, if you have an accounting major or concentration degree, then you can be eligible for the license. In this case, you must have completed twenty-four semester hours, which includes thirty-six quarter hours.

If you have completed the same amount of hours in accounting subjects, it can also be considered.

And, at least fifteen semester hours of these subjects must be at the upper level or graduate level. You may also have completed twenty-four semester hours in business administration subjects at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Experience Requirements

You can get your experience through the practice of public accounting or employment in industry or government. You may work with one or more employers, and have part-time or full-time job. So, these details are not so important.

More important and decisive factors are the amount of hours of your work experience.

You must have obtained at least twelve months of work experience. It must be consist of at least two thousand hours. These hours are work hours, and they are not limited to billable hours.

You can get your work experience through the use of accounting, management and financial advisory, tax and tax advisory, issuing reports on financial statements, or consulting skills. The experience should provide you with the opportunity to use your knowledge and skills in different spheres.

It should give you skills; such as accounting for transactions, data and financial analysis, preparation of reports to taxing authorities, budgeting, controllership functions, internal auditing, performance auditing and other skills.

Your experience must be verified by a licensed CPA who legally practices public accounting.

It also should have a US jurisdiction for at least five years before the date of verifying your experience. There is no need for the verifying CPA to be your supervisor or coworker.

Washington CPA Exam

After making sure that you meet the education and experience requirements, you can apply for the CPA exam.

CPA Examination Services Washington Coordinator
150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 700
PO Box 198469
Nashville, TN 37219-8469

How much does Washington CPA Exam cost?

There is a standard exam fee in Washington. The initial application fee is $150. If you need to re-take the exam, you will have to pay for the application fee again. You will also have to pay $330 for firm annual permit.

There are special fees for the exam. But it depends on what type of license you will need. The fee for audit and financial issues is $195.35. And, it is $176.25 for regulation and business.

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