Washington Insurance License

Washington Insurance License

Since you are on this page, you definitely want to become a licensed insurance agent in the state of Washington. For that, you will need to get a Washington insurance license and this article describes the process in details.

Verify a Washington insurance agent

Finding out whether an insurance agent is legit or not is the very first thing every client should consider. It will ensure that the agent is competent and has what it takes to sell insurance legally.

To verify your insurance agent in Washington State, use our online lookup tool or visit the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner website and find information about insurance agents.

When you go through the link, complete the required data (first and last name, city, WAOIC, NPN, DBA, types of insurance, types of license) and click on the “search” button. The lookup will provide needed information on the licensee, including the status of his/her license.

This tool is also useful for conducting an agency or company search.

What is WAOIC number?

WAOIC is a Washington state license number, which the Washington state Office of the Insurance Commissioner assigns to agents and companies. It gives permission to agents and companies for legally selling insurance in Washington State.

Do Washington insurance companies need licenses?

Yes, the state of Washington requires insurance companies to obtain a Washington license to carry out insurance deals in the state.

How do I get my Washington state insurance license?

Complete pre-license education

In the state of Washington, applicants must complete pre-licensing education for each major line of authority. Hence, you must complete the following hours on:

  • Life (20 hours)
  • Disability (20 hours)
  • Property (20 hours)
  • Casualty (20 hours)
  • Property and Casualty (40 hours)
  • Life, Accident, and Health (40 hours)
  • Personal Lines (20 hours)

Pre-licensing courses will provide you with knowledge on insurance products and services. You will also obtain a strong command of rules and regulations concerning the insurance industry.

After completing these courses, you will receive a Certificate of completion for each 20-hour course. This official transcript is only valid for one calendar year and you must present it at the testing location as a proof of completed education.

Take the Washington insurance license exam

The next step is taking the state licensing exam and you must take one exam for each preferred line of authority.

Click here and register for the exam, paying the fixed fee. You must pay $49 or $66 based on the insurance line.

Background check and fingerprinting

Submitting your fingerprints is another necessary requirement, as it will initiate the background check process. In addition to this, you must complete fingerprinting here. The service will cost you $49.25.

For the procedure, you will need to provide your legal name, address, citizenship, Social Security Number and so on. They may also contact you to ask for more information, which might help.

Apply for the insurance license

The last step is to apply for the Washington insurance license, which you can do here. The application will cost you $60.

In case you wish to add another line or make application changes in the future, you will not need to pay additional fees.

Contact Information

Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Agents and Brokers
PO Box 40257
Olympia, WA 98504-0257
Phone: 360-725-7144
Fax: 360-586-2019

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