Washington Banned License Plates

Washington Banned License Plates

Vehicle digits, on the front and back of them, are the indexes identifying the uniqueness of machines and enabling national agencies to store information about them. As a rule, they are due to comprise randomly chosen characters that usually do not have a meaning.

What refers to the custom permits, they comprise a distinctive and individualized combination of symbols that are to show specific meanings.

What you can put on your vanity plate?

Letters, digits, spaces, or hyphens up to 6 or 7 characters are allowed to be utilized by the Department of Licensing. There is no place for extra spaces and dashes between letters. By and large, the most popular identification figures are sport-related, others are just nicknames or something else.

You cannot use racial, ethnic, indecent, or vulgar terms. States make and regularly update their lists of prohibited phrases to automatically prohibit car owners from employing indecent phrasing.

Updates of forbidden combination lists are continuous procedures.  People come up with various ways to utilize those in slang or other languages. If the DOL receives complaints, it is surely reviewing them. As in Alaska, the DMV does not explain the main reasons for refusal.

When the department finds suspicious expressions, it banns its usage. Most of the forbidden vehicle registration marks refer to drugs, certain body parts, swear words, and their translations to other languages, guns, and sex.

What are the common cases of banned license plates in Washington?

It is unfeasible to utilize an already existing mixture of symbols, as well as such figures as hashtags. They have to avoid putting offensive expressions that include sexual, sociocultural, and racial swear words as they are public and may disturb the rest of others.

Here are some examples of rejected car numbers in this state.

6GUN: The DOL reported to the applicant that he could not use the number he had applied for, as it contained references to the weapons.

AXFIXC8: The officially authorized body refused this one since it seemed to be misleading or offensive to some extent.

HNKYLPS: After checking the owner’s driving permission, the national bureau found out she does not have hunky lips and refused the request.

DRTYWOP: This was denied, as there was a problem with ethnic slurs.

How much do custom licenses cost?

Charges in different regions may vary, such as the requirements and designs do. All in all initial fees range from $5-100 and $80 or more for annual renewal.

You have to pay $89 for the personalized option of passenger means of transportation with standard mountain backgrounds. For trucks, you need to give $88, for trailers $77,  and for motorcycles $71.

Those with special designs initially cost $129 (automobiles), $128 (trucks), $117,25 (trailers) and $111 (motorcycles). You need to reissue them annually. Renewal charges for the first year are $30 or $40 (in case it is personalized).

When to renew them?

As soon as your tabs expire in 6 months or fewer, you receive your new registration marks and tabs simultaneously. When you do it earlier, you don’t have to pay any fees for the first year. If you don’t renew them within 45 days after the date, they are getting canceled or available for others to employ.

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